Pharmaceutical Chemical processing areas, clean rooms, wash down areas, gowning rooms, etc, requiring chemical & thermal shock resistant, dust free, impact resistant and other special properties are often tackled only by high performance polymer systems.

Food & Beverage Processing Anti bacterial, dust free, easy- to-clean systems withstanding acids and chemicals systems have been effectively installed for food processing plants.

Chemical Processing Regardless mild incidental exposures or continuous immersion, the ultra-chemical resistant systems are engineered to withstand the toughest environments.

Electronics Static control, static dissipation, chemical resistance, contamination control, durability and aesthetics are common properties designed to suite electronic manufacturing and assembly plants.

Manufacturing Long lasting, impact resistant systems for forklift traffic and heavy machinery are common properties required in manufacturing industries.

Transportation Heavy traffic, high impact, severe corrosion. Stonhard and L&M products are highly suitable for state of art hangers/ assembly & maintenance facilities for aircrafts and automobiles.

Commercial/Institutional Durable, decorative systems meet all the requirements for commercial/ institutional facilities.