Fibergrate FRP Gratings and Structural Products

Chemicals  CHEMICALS

Fibergrate was originally developed in response to the harsh conditions of chemical facilities which require products that can withstand corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, constant washdowns and multiple impacts. Fibergrate products with their specially engineered resin systems can be used throughout a facility from mixing tank walkways; to loading platforms; to accessways, manholes and trenches.

Power and UtilitiesUTILITIES AND POWER

Engineered from fiberglass reinforced plastic, Fibergrate products provide the power industry with the solution for a variety of environmental conditions. Fibergrate is electromagnetically transparent, nonconductive and corrosion resistant. These properties make Fibergrate perfect for use around transmission structures, distribution equipment, in storage and containment areas as well as cooling towers and discharge areas.


No matter the product in production, manufacturing plants worldwide deal with worker safety and lowering maintenance costs. Fibergrate’s products have been engineered to withstand severe conditions and can be used around mills and lathes, along assembly lines, on docks and in maintenance areas.

Architecture and Commercial  ARCHITECHTURAL & COMMERCIAL

Fibergrate has solutions for your commercial facility. Whether you need an aesthetically pleasing sunscreen, rooftop walkway, fountain drainage or a slip-resistant stairway, Fibergrate can provide the perfect solution.


Fibergrate products are the perfect solution for the diversity of production methods found in the pharmaceutical world. The ergonomic features as well as corrosion and slip resistance, flame retardancy and low maintenance make Fibergrate the right fit for use in packaging, material storage, research and development, manufacturing and clean room applications.


With a consistently wet environment and harsh cleaning products, the food and beverage industry needs unique solutions to their corrosion and slip hazard problems. Fibergrate products are designed to meet FDA and USDA criteria and can be used throughout these facilities from mixing lines, to packaging, to docks.