KARNDEAN Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Whether specifying flooring for a small town boutique or an out of town superstore, great designs, flexible layout options and durability really help create and maintain an ambience in which customers will spend. Karndean Designflooring not only outperforms many other flooring types on each of these aspects but is easy to install and maintain.

Flexibility of Store Design

One of the main benefits of using Karndean Designflooring in retail environments is that store layout is only limited by the imagination of the designer. Karndean is so flexible, you can create different zones using sweeping curves, add rug effects or use borders around key displays. Our wide range of wood plank and floor tile shapes and sizes, light and dark tones and colour options give retail designers hundreds of design combinations, all contributing to the overall ambience and potential to maximise sales.


Choosing Karndean Designflooring for your client’s board room, reception area or open plan office helps create a stylish and inspiring working environment. What’s more your facilities managers will be delighted with Karndean’s durability, ease of maintenance and generic A/A+ BRE Global Greenguide rating, depending on specification and application.

Stylish Surfaces for High Impact Areas

In high impact places such as reception and waiting areas, Karndean Designflooring’s faithful reproduction of natural materials and ease of laying in zones can help your client make the right first impression upon visitors and potential customers. Our range of large floor tiles and planks can help create a sense of space in larger areas, whilst our customised service options provides businesses with bespoke features or a prominent company logo to reflect their brand personality.


In a sector where the look, resilience and ease of keeping floors clean is vital, Karndean Designflooring is a well established and proven choice for the demands of hotels, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions and leisure facilities. Faithful reproduction of natural flooring materials comes without the inherent disadvantages of the originals such as timber and stone, enabling owners to create irresistible environments where clients will want to spend time and money.

Traditional, Contemporary and Classic Flooring Designs

Whether your hospitality project requires traditional looking materials such as pale limestone and warm oak or contemporary large grey tiles or wood planks, Karndean’s extensive range has a product to match. Search our flooring range by colour, tone, effect or specification to draw up your shortlist, then order samples or download swatches to include in your mood board or design.

education2 EDUCATION

Karndean’s stylish, durable and low maintenance flooring helps you to create a safe and inspiring educational environment in which students can learn and flourish. Karndean Designflooring is a practical and resilient choice for universities, colleges, schools and community centers.

Helping to Create a Safe and Conducive Student Learning Environment

Our realistic wood floor effect and stone floor effect ranges have a low volatile organic compound rating. Our adhesives are free from harmful emissions. You can install our products with confidence, knowing they’re suitable for use in a child’s environment.

Flooring to Meet Hygienic and Anti-Allergen Needs

A growing number of educational institutions now need to provide hygienic and anti-allergen environments for their students such as in halls or residence facilities. Karndean Designflooring is an ideal choice because unlike many carpet and textile floor coverings, it won’t harbor dirt or dust mites. It is also easy, quick and inexpensive to maintain.


Karndean Designflooring has many years of experience of working with residential developers to create flooring collections that provide home buyers with flexibility and choice. Our vinyl flooring ranges are also popular choices for social housing, higher education accommodation and retirement home complexes.

Realistic and Stylish Wood and Stone Effect Flooring

Aesthetically Karndean Designflooring closely replicates the look and feel of natural floor coverings such as oak, slate and limestone, but it is generally more versatile. Karndean’s luxury vinyl tiles can be used in all rooms in the home except wet rooms. Housebuild companies can create a range for their customers based on effect, colour, tone and style to suit both building style and buyer’s range of tastes.


Karndean Designflooring can be easily zoned, facilitating patient flow and demarcation of different areas. Vinyl flooring can be used in a wide range of health care settings including hospitals, aged care, hospices and health centres.

Hygienic Flooring

From resisting spills to avoiding dust and mites, Karndean’s non-porous floor tiles and wood planks contribute to cleaner, healthier environments from the day they’re installed. Our wide range of low maintenance designs all carry a low volatile organic compound rating.