Polished Concrete System

Polish Concrete Flooring System

Polished concrete is actually concrete that has been treated with a concrete densifier that fills the pores, resulting in a smooth appearance. The ideal shininess and light-reflective effect are then achieved using grinding tools. 

Sleek, shiny, and easy to maintain, the polish concrete system is a great flooring choice, particularly for modern flooring for industrial and commercial use. 

Dull and dusting concrete floors will grind to remove latent cement and expose underlying stones and granites. Floors can be polished to varying shine levels, resulting in a neat, clean-looking, concrete floor. 

What is polish concrete? 

Polished concrete is a multi-step method that involves mechanically grinding, shaping, and polishing a concrete floor with bonded abrasives to cut the surface. It's then fine-tuned for each cut until it reaches a desired degree of appearance. The floor hardener is used in the polish concrete flooring system. 

The floor hardener will penetrate the concrete and causes a chemical reaction that hardens and dust-proofs the surface. During concrete polishing, the surface is treated in several steps (in general, polished concrete requires at least four grinding steps) with gradually finer grinding tools. 

There would be no problem getting the already polished areas into use since no chemicals were used to prepare and polish the concrete floors. Polished concrete floor areas could be used immediately without any concerns, particularly in places like hospitals, hypermarkets, and manufacturing plants where safety is primary. 

Why does the floor need polish concrete?

Polished concrete floors provide the strongest protection against stains and markings of any sort. As a result, polished concrete flooring is becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential spaces, with more facilities and warehouses opting for it over other forms of flooring. 

When you choose polished concrete floors for your residence or firm, bear in mind that you will have plenty of light. 

Is concrete polishing floors slippery when wet?

When dry, polished concrete is non-slip, and when wet, it is also non-slip. Polished concrete floors are significantly more slip-resistant even when wet. When properly maintained, polished concrete floors help reduce slip and fall liabilities and insurance costs for businesses. 

Polish Concrete Speciality:

Polished concrete offers many benefits that set it apart from other flooring options. With current technology, concrete can be transformed into a very smooth and aesthetically pleasing flooring. 

  • Very durable and strong, won't be affected by heavy foot traffic 
  • It has a long life-cycle lasting up to 10 years without any major maintenance affordable 
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean except for daily sweeping and mopping 
  • The look is aesthetic and can be polished to desired shine 
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance 
  • High Traction Slip Resistance