Polished Concrete System | Finish Option for a Shiny Cement Floor

Polish Concrete Flooring System

Polished concrete is actually concrete that has been treated with a concrete densifier that fills the pores, resulting in a smooth appearance. The ideal shininess and light-reflective effect are then achieved using grinding tools.

Sleek, shiny, and easy to maintain, concrete polishing is a great flooring choice, particularly for modern flooring for industrial and commercial use.

Dull and dusting will grind to remove latent cement and expose underlying stones and granites. Floors can be polished to varying shine levels, resulting in a neat, clean-looking, concrete floor.

What is polish concrete?

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Polished concrete is a multi-step method that involves mechanically grinding, shaping, and polishing a concrete floor with bonded diamond abrasives to cut the surface. It’s then fine-tuned for each cut until it reaches a desired degree of appearance. The floor hardener is used for concrete polishing.

The floor hardener will penetrate the concrete and causes a chemical reaction that hardens and dust-proofs the surface. During concrete polishing, the surface is treated in several steps (in general, polished concrete requires at least four grinding steps to be considered polished concrete) with gradually finer grinding tools.

There would be no problem getting the already polished areas into use since no chemicals were used to prepare and polish concrete floors. Polished concrete floor areas could be used immediately without any concerns, particularly in places like hospitals, hypermarkets, and manufacturing plants where safety is primary.

Why does the floor need polish concrete?

Polished concrete slabs provide the strongest protection against stains and markings of any sort. As a result, polished concrete flooring is becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential spaces, with more facilities and warehouses opting for it over other forms of flooring.

When you choose polished concrete surfaces for your residence or firm, bear in mind that you will have plenty of light.

Is concrete polishing floors slippery when wet?

When dry, polished concrete is non-slip, and when wet, it is also non-slip. Polished concrete floors are significantly more slip-resistant even when wet. When properly maintained, these floors help reduce slip and fall liabilities and insurance costs for businesses.

Concrete Polishing Speciality:

Polished concrete offers many benefits that set it apart from other flooring options. With current technology, concrete can be transformed into a very smooth and aesthetically pleasing flooring.

  • Very durable and strong, won’t be affected by heavy foot traffic
  • It has a long life-cycle lasting up to 10 years without any major maintenance affordable
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean except for daily sweeping and mopping
  • The look is aesthetic and can be polished to desired shine
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • High Traction Slip Resistance

Differences Between Polishing and Buffing

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Polishing, as it’s often known, isn’t as popular as spray buffing. A floor polisher, like a buffer, generates a smoother surface on a floor, making it seem cleaner and shinier. Polishing can alter the material’s quality by, for example, adding an additional component to preserve it.

They both make the floor look shinier in general. Any polymer floor will develop small dents, resulting in a less polished appearance that seems dull and filthy. A buffing machine is used to smooth up the surface of the floor.

The terms floor polishing and buffing are sometimes interchanged, although polishing is a more intensive technique for removing bumps and chips. Both get rid of chips and pits on an industrial level, and both demand specialist machinery and care, especially for floors made of fragile materials.

Why Polishing Is the Best Finish Options for Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is the best finish option for concrete floors in Malaysia because it is affordable, easy to maintain, and has a high traction slip resistance. When polished correctly, polished concrete flooring is also very durable and strong. It is the perfect finish option for businesses and residences in Malaysia.

Dusting and efflorescence are no longer an issue.

Although untreated concrete is durable, it is susceptible to certain types of corrosion and chemical reactions. Because concrete is porous, salt migration (efflorescence) is always a possibility. This, in turn, causes dusting, which can harm epoxies and other surface coatings, problems that can be avoided by polishing at the source.

A Flooring Surface That Isn’t Stain-Resistant

Concrete’s porous nature is one of its most major issues, accounting for a considerable portion of its lifetime maintenance expenses. The surface of the concrete is sealed and made more solid by polishing it. This allows it to naturally reject water, oil, and other surface pollution in the absence of further protection.

Old Floors Have a Greater Effectiveness

One of the most important reasons to treat your concrete floor is to help the underlying slab last longer. Both epoxy flooring and concrete polishing help to extend the life of a concrete slab. Polished concrete has high compressive strength and resists degradation caused by a variety of factors. A mechanical polishing procedure can be used to renew the top layer.

Slip Resistance at Higher Levels

When wet, real polished concrete, like other types of concrete, becomes slick. It will, however, provide better slip resistance than an untreated floor. A treatment with glass beads or sand can improve these qualities, making it more suitable for grip-sensitive applications like a parking deck.

Suitable Areas for Polished Concrete

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Polished concrete flooring is perfect for both residential homes and commercial areas. It is highly durable and easy to maintain, making it the perfect finish option for busy areas.

Polished concrete flooring is also affordable, which makes it a great choice for those on a budget. Polished concrete flooring can be used in a variety of settings and areas, including:


Polished concrete is the perfect finish option for the patio because it is affordable, easy to maintain, and has a high traction slip resistance.

Garage, Basement, or Driveway

Polished concrete can also be used as a finish for garage, basement, and driveway flooring because it is durable and resistant to oil spills and easy to maintain.


Polished concrete is perfect for kitchen floors because it is durable, resistant to staining, and easy to clean.

Cost of Concrete Polishing in Malaysia

The cost of concrete polishing in Malaysia is comparatively lower than other flooring options. It is also a relatively easy polishing process similar to sanding wood that does not require a lot of time or manpower. This makes polished concrete surface an affordable and practical choice for many businesses and homeowners.

There are a few factors that will affect the cost of concrete polishing. These include the size of the area to be polished, the type of polishing compound used, and the level of shine desired. The cost will also vary depending on the contractor you choose to do the job. However, as a general rule, polished concrete surface will cost between RM300 and RM500 per square metre (m2).

This is a considerably lower price than other flooring options, such as tiles or marble. It is also less expensive than the cost of having an epoxy coating applied to your concrete floor.

Polished concrete slabs are a great option for many different types of businesses and homes. They are durable, easy to maintain, and look great. If you’re considering concrete polishing for your next flooring project, be sure to weigh the pros and cons carefully to make the best decision for your needs.

Best Company for Polishing Concrete

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