Epoxy and Polyurethane seamless floor systems for medium to heavy duty environments. Excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance.

  • Stonclad GS/PT  General service heavy duty power trowelled Epoxy mortar System.  Recommended for clean rooms, warehouse, production and general areas.   product data
  • Stonclad UT    Textured Urethane system with superior strength, ability to withstand thermal shock and thermal cycling. Recommended for kitchens, freezers, wash areas.  product data
  • Stonclad UR –  Power trowelled Urethane mortar system to withstand thermal shock and thermal cycling. Recommended for food processing, storage, chemical areas.  product data
  • Stonclad HT  Ultra Corrosion Resistant Power Trowelled Epoxy Mortar System.  Recommended for outdoor, high chemical areas.  product data

Stonclad system can be finished with various sealers to achieve static control / anti static floors, superior thermal cycling resistance or chemical resistant sealants, where required