OPUS Wood Series LVT

Vinyl tiles are suitable for high-traffic areas because of the durability, ease of maintenance and low cost. Vinyl tiles can absorb impact damage and have high resilience to abrasion that can be repeatedly refinished with mechanical buffing equipment and chemical strippers. The vinyl tiles are available in a variety of colours.

Some manufactures have created vinyl tiles with very closely resemble stone, wood, terrazzo, concrete and hundreds of varying patterns. Because vinyl tile is stain-resistant, water-resistant, versatile, and durable, it is suitable for commercial and residential home settings where high traffic is constant.

Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice to uninstall for bathroom and kitchen applications. Because bathroom, kitchen and dining rooms are high moisture areas, a significant amount of moisture is expected as minimal maintenance is required.

During vinyl tiles installation, floor tiles or sheet flooring are applied to a smooth, levelled sub-floor using a specially formulated tile mastic or vinyl adhesive that remains pliable. In commercial applications, some tiles are typically buffed and waxed using unique materials and equipment. The finishing flooring material uses Vinyl composition tile (VCT), primarily in commercial and institutional applications.

Vinyl Tile Features:

  1. UV layer – clear top coat to protect from fading
  2. Wear layer – transparent wear layer to protect the decorative paper
  3. Decorative paper – hi-resolution printed wood image
  4. Glass fiber layer – give support to other layers and allows to lie flat and even
  5. Balance layer – gives further foundational support, strength, and ease of installation

Vinyl Tile Plank Style:

The OPUS Wood Series vinyl tile planks offer short installation times with a neat, contemporary feel.

Vinyl Tile Plank Sizes:

915mm x 102mm (36″ x 4″) / 915mm x 152mm (36″ x 6″) / 1219mm x 228mm (48 x 9″)