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Anti-Slip Coating for Concrete Flooring with Decorative 

Anti slip coating for flooring is essential to reduce the chance of slips and falls, whether at home or for industrial usage. In Malaysia alone, it reported that up to 34% of senior citizens encounter incidences of accidental slipping and falling; thus, why it is recommended for your homes or workplaces to leverage on the anti-slip coating. The anti-slip coating is recommended to be installed indoors and outdoors in the retail, commercial, industrial, and residential environments. The anti slip coating is known to create an ultra-hard layer that will provide excellent friction and water resistance on flooring, making it a great alternative to offer protection for family members at home and workers in the industrial field. The recommended place for anti-slip coatings to be installed on:

  • Tiles – ceramic, porcelain, quarry tiles
  • Stone – marble, granite, limestone
  • Clay, metal, and wood surfaces
  • Concrete
  • Brick

The Advantages of the Anti Slip Coating

While your home or workspaces floors need to have a great look, you also need to make sure it is long-lasting and practical. For instance, vinyl flooring may look remarkable, but the material may be slippery. That is why it is recommended to have decorative flooring with anti-slip flooring treatments. Anti Slip Coating

  1. Provide Extra Protection

    The anti slip coating will help provide extra protection on your floor, making it less slippery, especially in wet areas such as the toilet, wet/oily area. The anti-slip coating will lower the chance of slippery, making your home/workspaces safe.

  2. Easy Installation

    You can choose whether to install a new floor or treat an existing surface with anti-slip flooring, as the installation is easy. It will also not affect the decorative flooring’s appearance, so you do not have to compromise on ensuring your flooring is aesthetically pleasing and protective.

  3. Cost-Effective

    Additionally, installing anti slip coating leads to lower maintenance costs, reduces your administrative expenses, and ensures your facility’s safety or building with anti slip coatings. The anti-slip flooring is useful for wet, dry, and greasy surfaces and works on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

  4. Suitable for Almost All Work Areas

    Another great advantage of the anti-slip coating treatment is it fits almost all business sectors. Whether it’s your office, home, entrance, factory floor, restaurants, workshop, kitchen, you can also install anti-slip stairs inside your swimming pool as it works effectively on various surfaces.

How to Apply Anti Slip Coating for Floor

FAQ about anti slip coating:

What is anti slip coating?

An anti slip coating is a floor coating that is a layer of material that’s worn or created to prevent slips and falls. It’s usually made up of a combination of resin, acrylic, or gloss that is applied to an existing floor surface.

Does anti slip coating work?

The anti slip coating provides a durable finish that’s heavily textured. It leaves a hard wearing surface with an anti-slip aggregate.

How long does anti-slip flooring last?

Anti-slip treatment that will keep the tiles from getting damaged for at least 5 years.

Apply Anti Slip Coating Now

Essentially, the anti slip coatings are known to provide vital protection for your floors and are useful against wet surfaces. It will help reduce the chance of harm caused by accidental stumbling over the floor’s moist and dry areas. Favored all around the globe by property holders, it is your chance to provide ultimate protection at your homes or workspaces with our excellent quality anti slip coating treatment. Contact us and allow our dedicated team to help you with your flooring needs.

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