What is Floor Hardener?

Floor hardener is a particle form made by mixing cement with grit/stone chips mixture to increase hardness and durability to the concrete floor without affecting cement chemistry. Additionally, a floor hardener is also used to prevent floors from wearing out prematurely. These products protect, preserve, and strengthen concrete flooring through a uniform curing and sealing process.

A floor hardener can also be used as a dust coat to be placed on a new concrete floor to increase its abrasion and weather resistance. Although using a floor hardener for your flooring application will cost you a small fortune, the benefit it provides is pay off.

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How to Use Floor Hardener for Polish Concrete System

It is typically used in heavy-duty areas such as a basement, warehouses, extreme sports zones, education institutions, and some commercial buildings. Floor Hardener is a complex chemical that is easy to apply.

To apply a concrete hardener, floor surfaces must be cured for at least two weeks and clean from dust, dirt, paints, coating, wax, grease, bond breakers, oil spreads, curing compounds and other contaminants.

You can also opt to remove contaminants by washing the floor thoroughly and allow to dry completely. Then, you may start to apply a hardener at the rate of 200ft2/gallon (5m2/Litter). Only one application is needed to densify the concrete surface permanently. 

The concrete hardener should be agitated with fine-bristled brooms to help it penetrate the surface of the concrete.

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Process of Polishing Concrete with Floor Hardener

Step 1 – Determine Surface Hardness

In choosing the right metal bond diamond abrasives, you need first to determine the hardness of a surface. To get the average test rating, you need to run the test on three-floor areas.

Step 2 – Concrete Surface Preparation

The next step is metal grinding for the concrete surface preparation. Find out if the floor is coated, and determine the type of coating to be removed with appropriate tooling. Be sure any surface holes or cracks are correctly repaired.

Step 3 – Remove Metal Tool Traces

Before applying a floor hardener, you must remove metal tooling traces with transitional tooling of 50 and 100 grit. Transitional tooling effectively removes metal spots and creates a surface ready for polishing.

Step 4 – Concrete Densifying & Hardening

Once the tool marks are removed and the floor is cleaned and vacuumed, you can now apply densifiers to the concrete to solidify and densify the surface and provide extra protection from water penetration and staining.

Once you have completed step 1 through step 4, you can proceed with your concrete polishing and seal and protect the floor.

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The differences between floor hardener and epoxy

A floor hardener is a material or chemical used to enhance the cement surface with a thickness of 8,10 15 millimetres. The thickness will be determined by the weight that the surface must support. The floor hardener is used in storage space, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, companies making and repairing small and large equipment, refrigerated rooms, and parking lots. Floor hardeners can also use it to maintain and rebuild concrete surfaces that have done their time.

Epoxy is made by combining compounds known as a resin and a hardener. The two ingredients begin to cure when the resin is combined according to a particular formula. This is dependent on the type of resin used, the hardening compounds used, and the curing temperature. As a result, depending on your specific requirements, you can use some epoxies. Epoxy is typically used as a strong adhesive adheres to various materials, including metal, wood, and others.

Epoxy, in addition to its super-sticky effects, can be used as a cement and mortar binder. It’s also a great non-skid coating for basement flooring in a garage or other space with a lot of movement or machinery.

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