What is FRP Malaysia?

FRP Malaysia, also known as fibreglass reinforced plastic grating, is a material produced by combining resin and fibreglass. FRP Malaysia is widely used in corrosive environments due to its fire-retardant property.

Although initially designed and used for caustic and corrosive environments, FRP Malaysia is now a reliable alternative to flooring systems and applications. This article will go through the benefits of installing FRP Malaysia in your space, but first, let’s go over the various kinds of FRP Malaysia.

FRP Malaysia is a lightweight, durable, flexible, and highly safe material for various purposes and applications. Its known properties of chemical and corrosion resistance make FRP even better than stainless steel as it is more cost-effective.

Types of FRP Malaysia

FRP Malaysia has various types for users to choose from. The different kinds of fibreglass reinforced grating can be classified into two common standards: the technology used and the final surface produced.

Different Technology FRP

  • Moulded FRP Malaysia: Moulded FRP Malaysia were produced by weaving the fibreglass, heating and curing. Once completed, the final product will be ejected from the mould.
  • Pultruded FRP Malaysia: Pultrusion is a continuous moulding process that produces products of a uniform cross-section.

Different Surface FRP Malaysia

  • Common surface
  • Concave surface
  • Polished smooth surface
  • Sanding surface
  • Covered surface
  • Smooth cover surface
  • Gritted cover surface
  • Checker plate cover surface

The Benefits of Using FRP Malaysia

  • Light Material

    FRP Malaysia is manufactured from fibreglass reinforced plastic and resin. This makes the material extremely light in weight and very easy to install. On the other hand, steel is not only heavy but also challenging to install.

  • Slip-Resistant

    FRP Malaysia provides users with high anti-slip resistance. This makes fibreglass reinforced plastic grating a popular choice among industrial and chemical clients.

  • Fire-Resistant

    FRP Malaysia is also known for its ability to guard against deterioration from industrial chemicals and environmental factors. Be sure with the FRP Malaysia system to protect your space from any corrosive materials, be it exposed to continuous splash, spills, gases or even fumes.

  • Durable

    Its high durability makes FRP Malaysia attractive to industrial clients and the best alternative flooring material. The material can withstand harsh environments for extended periods without being damaged or degraded and low in maintenance.

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