Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for spaces like kitchen and bathroom applications due to its water-resistant, stain-resistant, versatile, and durable characteristics. In fact, as decorative flooring, for residential homes and commercial settings where high occupancy is heavy, this flooring style is ideal.

Essentially, vinyl tile flooring or decorative flooring is often installed in spaces with high moisture, such as kitchens and dining rooms, as this type of flooring requires minimal maintenance.

The difference between standard Vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring and tiles generally appeared designed to look like ceramic or stone tile is a another way of decorative flooring for home. Still, this kind of decorative floorings have various styles, patterns, and colours, including those that resemble wood and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), are typically designed to look like stone or ceramic tiles. The luxury vinyl flooring or decorative flooring has a thicker wear layer, increasing its quality and making it easier to maintain.


 vinyl flooring decorative flooring

Main Features of Vinyl Flooring/Decorative Flooring

  • UV Layer

    Vinyl flooring or decorative flooring surface that withstands long exposure to sunlight will eventually fade. Thus, the flooring’s outermost layer is a UV layer to prevent the floor from fading and preserve its beauty and colour.

  • Wear Layer

    Just like the UV layer is added to protect the flooring from fading, an outer layer is typically added to the vinyl flooring to protect and preserve the decorative paper’s state on the surface flooring.

  • Decorative PaperThe decorative paper is usually coated onto the surface of vinyl flooring for cosmetic purposes. For instance, a high resolution printed decorative wood paper is added to give your space some pop of decor and colour.
  • Glass Fibre LayerA glass fibre layer is usually added before the decorative paper on the vinyl flooring. The glass fibre layer is added to protect other layers on the flooring and keep them flat and even.
  • Balance LayerLast but not least is the balance layer. The balance layer is usually added as the first inner layer of the vinyl flooring for further foundational support, strength, and ease of installing.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring/Decorative Flooring

  • High Durability

    Vinyl floors or decorative flooring are ideal for commercial and industrial spaces as these tiles are highly tough and durable heavy traffic without any damage for long periods. This type of flooring is also known to last for about 20 years.

  • Cost-Saving

    Vinyl tiles are extremely convenient, making it a great choice for conventional techniques of flooring and tiling, compared to hardwood or stone tiles and even pricey concrete.

  • Low Maintenance

    Essentially, vinyl flooring is basically low in maintenance and does not need your continuous attention, since it can be easily maintained because of this kind of decorative flooring’s abrasion durability and can be treated using mechanical buffing equipment and chemical strippers.

  • Waterproof

    Vinyl floors  are known as excellent water-resistant of decorative flooring and are extremely easy to clean. Typically installed in the kitchen, vinyl tiles do not require much more attention than conventional tiles because of their water-resistant properties.

Tips for taking care of vinyl flooring/decorative flooring

  1. Avoiding using harsh chemicals or steam processing. Instead, a mild detergent and gentle cleaning will help to keep your vinyl flooring in good condition.
  2. Quickly wash and clean away water-based spills. 
  3. Cover heavy furniture with protective mats to prevent denting and damage.
  4. Make sure to use industrial-grade glue to make the floor last longer and look better. 

vinyl flooring decorative flooring

Apply Your Vinyl Flooring/Decorative flooring Now

In contrast to other flooring types, vinyl tiles are more economical, easy to install, and low maintenance alternatives. In various colours and patterns, vinyl tiles can match every decor and give your space a great clean, and natural wood grain looks.

Our vinyl tiles at Advanced Polytech comes with the characteristics of real timber with the practical advantages of design flooring in a wide range of colours that match every decor with three different plank sizes of 915mm x 102mm (36″ x 4″) / 915mm x 152mm (36″ x 6″) / 1219mm x 228mm (48 x 9″).

Contact us and allow our dedicated team to help you with your flooring needs.

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